Mi Body Composition Scale / Mi Weight Scale 2

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  • Mi Body Composition Scale / Mi Weight Scale 2
  • Mi Body Composition Scale / Mi Weight Scale 2
  • Mi Body Composition Scale / Mi Weight Scale 2
  • Mi Body Composition Scale / Mi Weight Scale 2

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Mi Weight Scale 2 | Mi Body Fat Scale

Simple and slim, accurate grasp of physical data

Simple white appearance | 14.75 mm slim size | hidden LED display | 10 precision data detection


Body fat rate is the standard to determine fat and thin

As we all know, the same weight of fat can be three times the volume of muscle, irregular diet will cause too much body fat, so there will be the same height and weight of two people, fat 
too much that person will look than fat Less fat some.

How can I know if my body fat meets the standard?

Internationally, the use of BMI physical index to measure the body fat thinness is a simple practice, but the BMI calculation of the data can not accurately identify the user's body, through the body fat rate to determine the more accurate and 
more conducive to targeted health activities.

Mi Weight Scale 2 in Pakistan

One can help you accurately detect 10 body data of the body scales

  • Minimal appearance
  • Slim design
  • 10 physical data
  • Hidden LED screen
  • 304L stainless steel metal electrode
  • Supports 16 people to measure
  • Mi Weight Scale 2 movement APP 
    data is automatically uploaded
  • Silicone sets of accessories


Easy to integrate into different environments

In order to be able to use any space to use, Mi Weight Scale 2 body fat scales net body pure white, simple and elegant. Trying to give users a simple measurement of fat weighing experience, whether it is full of strength and health of 
body or room warm and comfortable home environment, Mi Weight Scale 2 body fat scales can complement each other, easy to integrate into the living environment, with the appearance of high color value so that the measuring body Fat this small thing can also be filled with full.

So slim, but still safe and stable

Compared to Mi Weight Scale 2 weight scale, Mi Weight Scale 2 body fat scales thin more than 30%, from the side to see, than a five cents coin diameter even thin, the lowest body only 14.75mm scale, so slim 

body fat scales, you can Feel free to stay in any corner of the house. While the lower body fat scales from Mi Weight Scale 2 contact with the ground, the center of gravity and more stable, built an integrally formed plate, plus 

a strong overall strength, to ensure flatness of the surface of the scale, when the weighing scale and more smooth and safe.

Hidden LED display, measured between the numerical display

In order to ensure one-piece design and simple appearance, Mi Weight Scale 2 body fat scale to abandon the traditional in the scale of the slotted hollowed out embedded display of the traditional practice, in the extremely low light transmission ABS plastic 

scale to do into the LED display, When standing, the Mi Weight Scale 2 body fat scale is a unified clean whole, when the scale, the data will be revealed from the panel, get a clear numerical display.

From safe rounded corners and large pad design

Design, to security-based. Mi Weight Scale 2 body fat scale with large fillet and large pad design to increase the safety factor of the whole machine, corner of the fillet design, not only beautiful, but also enhance the safety factor of the family daily necessities, smooth edges, no hand and touch Risk of injury. Large feet to increase the scale foot touch area, enhance the stability of the scale, while reducing the scale in the use of the possibility of sliding, improve the overall safety.

ABS material overall body, comprehensive and durable

Mi Weight Scale 2 body weight machine using ABS material, hard and not brittle, both durable, good impact resistance, while anti-corrosion, suitable for manufacturing all kinds of household items. Mi Weight Scale 2 body fat scale body 

surface made a non-slip texture treatment, increase the soles of the feet skin and contact surface.

  • 4
    It's perfect

    Posted by Naveed Hassan on 28th Nov 2017

    It does miss the analysis 10% of the times. But it's fine otherwise. I need to compare its readings to another machine to be sure how reliable it is.

  • 4
    Mi Scale 2

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Sep 2017

    Packaged in excellent way .

  • 4
    Good Product!

    Posted by Ahmed Hashmi on 4th Sep 2017

    The physical product is great. It's got elegant design and looks good sitting in a corner as well. The app, however, keeps running continuously in the background on your phone, and can take a toll on your phone battery.

  • 5
    Best weight scale in this budget

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jun 2017

    Accurate tracking of your weight and BMI

  • 5
    must have from the mi eco system

    Posted by Unknown on 13th May 2017

    one scale you need for your home that will keep track of your daily weight and other related measures in its app which also syncs with other apps.