Get upto 50% off

Dear Customers,

We are offering upto 50% for previous Customers just for submitting a review.

Here's what you have to do.

1. Write a Review on the Product Page and share it on your Facebook Profile with the tag #allmytechpk

2. Send the Screenshot of that review to

3. Every Weekend we will be disbursing the discount Coupons to all Customers who wrote the reviews.

4. The more reviews you do, the more coupons you will get.


- You Should have a valid Account at our Website with atleast one previous purchase in the Completed Status.

- We reserve the right to not give coupons to any customer found not complying to these above rules. 

- All the Codes will be disbursed randomly.

  Fine Print

- We will offer codes ranging from 5% discount to 50% discount randomly. On the whole we will be disbursing 50 codes per week with following distirbution.

50% off Coupon - 1 per week

30% off Coupon - 3 per week

20% off Coupon - 6 per week

10% off Coupon - 15 per week

5% off Coupon - 25 per week