Hey there, AMT Fam! Today, we’re talking about phone covers – Spigen ones, to be exact. Since the Pakistan market is full of Spigen copies selling between a range of Rs 1000 to 2000. We want the customer to make an informed decision into what they are buying. We’ll be checking out what makes a real Spigen cover different from a fake one. From the way they’re made to the little details that matter, we’re breaking it all down. So, if you’re into keeping your phone snazzy and protected, stick around. We’re about to uncover the real deal from the copycats in the world of Spigen covers.

There are many giveaways that you can use to figure out if you’re getting the original or just a cheap case masquerading as an original.

Front of the Box

1. The Color of the box says it all but it’s hard to distinguish when not seen both together. Spigen Original has moved to a recycled paper & all pure white color while the fake Spigen still uses the pale yellow box.

2. The sticker on the lower right hand side is totally different. Spigen Original uses a consistent font across the whole pack while the fake uses inconsistent writing which is easily distinguishable. The fake sticker uses a glossy paper while Spigen original uses a premium matte finish sticker.

3. The Spigen logo in the original box uses a consistent lowercase font while the Spigen logo on the copy uses an uppercase font.

Back of the Box

4. The positioning of the writing is totally different. The fake Spigen uses an old template and did not bother to change to new one.

5. The dimensions on the sticker are totally off in the fake and not representing the actual product.

6. The original one comes with additional sticker which shows it’s Made in South Korea, the Lot No & the Manufacturing date. The fake one leaves an empty space. On some lots this sticker may look like the picture below. It also shows the Date of Production & Lot number just in the condensed size.

Bottom of the Box

7. The SKU code of the original will always correspond to the actual product on Spigen.com which on checking the cheap code matched with the code of 12 Pro Ultra Hybrid Case.

The Fake one is Made in China while the Original is always Made in Korea. There may be some exceptions to this as some models Original Spigen are also made in China. But you can still match them with other points.

Opening the Box

8. Going inside the box the original comes neatly packed in a see through plastic showing the actual product which is inside. While the fake one uses a cheap milky material & very badly packed. The exception to this is Quartz Hybrid which doesn’t have protective film like Ultra Hybrid & comes in milky packaging only.

9. The original one uses transparent plastic on both sides to protect the case from any initial fingerprints & scuffs so that the customer gets the pristine quality. While the fake one comes totally bare & this is why the fingerprints are showing in the picture we took.

10. The Clarity ! if you are buying this case for clarity you can see clearly the stark difference between the copy one & the original one. Why would you buy this pale Blue shaded case at any cost is beyond our comprehension.

At initial thought we really thought it would be a good copy & would give an original a run for its money but I rest my case. Buying a Spigen Copy is not worth it. It’s like putting your money in the trash.

We would never choose to buy a copy item because if a store / website is willing to sell a fake item while telling it’s customers that it’s an original one, We wonder what else corners will they cut in their service. Eventually the customer which is YOU end up on the losing side.

And there you have it, folks! We’ve peeled back the layers to reveal the secrets of Spigen covers, helping you navigate the maze of choices out there. Armed with the knowledge of what sets the genuine Spigen apart, you’re now equipped to make a smart and stylish choice for your beloved device. Whether you’re all about that authentic flair or on the lookout for a budget-friendly alternative, we hope this journey through the differences between the real and the fake has been illuminating. Until next time, keep your gadgets covered and your tech game strong!

If you’re looking for the Original Spigen in Pakistan, Please click the following link