Our Story

Somewhere crouched in a sofa, a gamer was daydreaming about the latest noise cancellation headset to game with his old mates; then in another part of the city was a girl scrolling endlessly through her socials looking for the perfect phone-cover that feasts her aesthetic sense; and in another corner was a fitness fanatic, performing his regular exercise, furious at his new set of earphones that gave up on him just before completing his last set.

All My Tech’s team has heard them all and has walked in the same shoes to know where the right size exists. Hence, came the idea of a hub that bridges the gap between a need for hi-tech equipment & gadgets for frustrated consumers who have a knack for a superior, reliable experience at fastest delivery times.

We aspire to truly serve as an exceptional hub for hi-tech equipment, gadgets, and accessories across Pakistan with a passion for bringing superior customer service to our community centered around the AMT lifestyle.

Seamless. Fast. Reliable.

Apple AirPods Pro Now Available

Apple AirPods Pro Now Available

Seamless. Fast. Reliable.

Our Values

Provide value: We are committed in our heart and mind to provide the most authentic tech products at the fastest speed, as we do only what we can do well.

Stay knowledgeable: We nurture your life by educating you about your favorite tech gadgets and leading you to make informed purchasing decisions.

Build strong community: We encourage honest, authentic and real relationships with our community that comprises of a diverse set of consumers who have a knack for hi-end tech products.

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